Hi, My Name Is Rob.

With 30+ years experience as a musician, I am responsive to your needs as a player. My instruments are made to be played and they can be seen in the hands of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

 Handmade Instruments:
I make extensive use of hand tools and freehand techniques, blended with high precision where needed. In this way I am able to create instruments with the looks and tactile qualities of a craftsman-made object, combined with the precision and playability you demand as a musician.

I have large stocks of recycled and sustainably sourced timbers. The use of non-traditional materials and UK grown timbers has always been my speciality.

 As an experienced player myself, I know the difference that a good setup makes to any instrument. All the instruments I build are scrupulously adjusted and tested until I am satisfied that they will deliver the performance you expect.

Accurate intonation. Volume. Tone. It takes experience to get these things consistently right. I pride myself on the ability of my instruments to achieve all three.

Your Next Instrument:
I am passionate about the instruments I make and I want you to be too. I’m committed to giving honest advice, to creating instruments that are as described, are fit-for-purpose and that will give you many years of enjoyment.

 From the choice of timbers, through to a one-off custom model, I can guide you through the design process to make your ideas become reality.

What My Customers Say.

“Rob’s instruments are always easy to spot (and you spot a lot of them about!). Despite his willingness to make all manner of custom orders in a huge variety of woods, they somehow still manage to have his distinctive look and feel. They are the antithesis of the overly-glossy, plastic-feeling mass produced ukes you so often see, instead concentrating on design, form and the beauty of quality materials. My taropatch and airline uke always attract comments at gigs, but most importantly they play and sound great!”

– Phil Doleman

“I own 3 Rob Collins ukuleles and wouldn’t be without them! A soprano, concert and taropatch. All of them are beautifully made with a remarkable attention to detail. They are all ‘players instruments’ and are set up perfectly, project well and the intonation is spot on throughout the range of the instruments. I have described Rob as a genius before, and I’ll do it again! Rob Collins is a master craftsman, a genius in his workshop and a thoroughly great bloke.”

– George Bartle (Opera-lele and more)

“He makes great instruments. And this IS a great soprano, and also one of the highest scores I’ve ever given to an instrument in all my time. A high end finish and tone for less than a high end price.”

– Barry Maz
Read the full review here: Reclaimed Mahogany Soprano review on Got A Ukulele

” Its a sound Tardis. It looks great and sounds better than it looks! A uke is good if it sounds good and Robs Ukes sound good.”

– Jez Allerton (Planetzim)

“I had met Rob via the uke circuit and had the opportuniity to sample some of his ukes at Tinguitar trade stands. As a beginner, I thought my skill did not justify such craftmanship. However, I knew I was ready for a “proper” uke and approached Rob. He gave me loads of advice, about things to consider when commissioning a uke and lots of time to make a decision. So, I am now the proud owner of a meranti uke with a beautiful tone that suits my voice perfectly. It is now my main uke and the one I perform with all the time. Thank you so much Rob.”

– Lesley Todd-Brooks

How to Commission the Instrument You’ll Love

 Once the specification is finalised and with your slot in my build schedule secured, I will advise you of the approximate completion date.  When your instrument is completed I will inform you. Finished instruments are shipped fully insured via tracked courier service. Alternatively you are welcome to collect directly from the workshop in North Tyneside.

We are now based in North Tyneside. See Contact page for details.
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