Longneck soprano ukulele in meranti

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Available now, this longneck soprano ukulele, made using reclaimed meranti wood.

This is a hybrid ukulele combining a soprano size body with a concert scale length, giving you the sound of a soprano with a more comfortable fret spacing.

Meranti is a lightweight, porous wood with a crisp, bright tone and plenty of volume.

With no extra decorations, this is a ukulele that is definitely made to be played.


longneck soprano meranti longneck soprano meranti  

longneck soprano meranti  longneck soprano meranti Longneck soprano meranti

Full specification:

Body& neck: reclaimed meranti

Fretboard: Granadilla with mother of pearl position dots

Nut & saddle: corian

Strings: fluorocarbon

Tuners: Grover 6B

Finish: hand rubbed truoil varnish


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 86 × 33 × 25 cm