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Available now, this sopranino is the first ukulele I have made using Granadilla wood for the back and sides.

Granadilla is a Mexican wood, with a colour and structure very similar to rosewoods and it has given this sopranino an extra bit of brightness to the sound and a beautiful sheen to the finish.

The top is a perfectly quarter-sawn piece of European spruce and the body is bound with a single ply black binding strip.

The neck is khaya, with granadilla veneer on the front of the headstock and a 14 fret fingerboard also in granadilla, with mother of pearl dots at the 5, 7and 10th frets.

The tuning pegs are my favourite Grover 6B friction tuners and the nut & saddle are corian.

It is strung with fluorocarbon strings and currently tuned ADF#B. This is an exceptionally nice sounding example of a sopranino ukulele.


granadilla front granadilla top granadilla front angle


granadilla fretboard granadilla head granadilla rear

granadilla back khaya head rear granadilla back angle



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 63 × 33 × 25 cm