Handmade in Hebden Bridge by Rob Collins

I am a luthier specialising in ukuleles. My aim is to produce distinctively-styled instruments, providing an alternative to the standard “factory” designs. Through careful choice of materials, I am able to offer all the tone, playability and build quality of a professional player’s instrument in a wide variety of woods, both traditional and unconventional.

Ukuleles for Immediate Sale

I currently have three ukuleles available – a standard soprano in meranti wood, a longneck soprano in utile and a very pretty soprano ukulele in figured sapele & Wellingtonia wood. Details on my blog page or contact me for more information.

“Why tinguitar.com?”

This was my starting point as a semi professional luthier – as a builder of biscuit tin banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and guitars. From 1996 to 2010 I built approximately 100 such instruments.

As I’ve gained in experience, I’ve progressed into building traditional wooden instruments to the point where I am one of only a tiny handful of full-time ukulele luthiers in the UK.

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