Handmade in Hebden Bridge by Rob Collins

I am a British luthier. I make players’  instruments. During the past two decades, I’ve specialised in ukuleles while also making travel mandolins, dulcimers and other stringed instruments (I’m currently working on a tenor guitar as well).

My aim is to produce soulful instruments that only get better with play. My work is distinctively-styled, providing an alternative to the standard “factory” designs. Through careful choice of materials, I am able to offer all of the tone, playability and build-quality of a world-class player’s instrument. I work with a wide variety of woods, both traditional and unconventional.

Above all, my instruments are made to be played and are regularly seen in the hands of gigging professionals, club players and enthusiasts.

 Ukes available for sale.

I have a thinline soprano ukulele available for sale now.  Please see my blog page or contact me for more information.

“Why tinguitar.com?”

This was my starting point as a semi professional luthier – as a builder of biscuit tin banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and guitars. From 1996 to 2010 I built approximately 100 such instruments.

As I’ve gained in experience, I’ve progressed into building traditional wooden instruments to the point where I am one of only a tiny handful of full-time ukulele luthiers in the UK.

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